organizational effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is the measure of how well an organization executes its strategy through people, systems, and processes. The ability of an operating model to produce the desired business outcome with consistency and quality, at scale, is the prime determinant of its effectiveness. Execution is key!

Achieving organizational effectiveness requires the seamless integration of several business components:

Strategy - A comprehensive view of the core functions, organizational capabilities, and the prospective challenges that will influence the organization’s desired future state.

Leadership - A team of leaders, not managers, capable of embracing the strategy and influencing others to adopt and execute

Organizational Structure - An organizational design that establishes ownership, enables effective decision making and the efficient flow of information throughout

Corporate Culture - The manifestation of a core set of values, evidenced by employee behavior and their compulsion to achieve the vision of the organization

Management Systems - The integration of people, tools, and processes to support the oversight and administration of the business

Business Processes - A universal set of steps that define how day-to-day business functions are executed

Governance and Controls - An established collection of metrics and the supporting management tools to ensure the optimal performance of the organization

At Appleseed Consulting, we partner with business owners and leaders to crystallize their business strategy, clarify the desired future state, and construct a sustainable business blueprint that drives the vision and delivers value to your customers with excellence. We leverage 15 years of experience and industry best practices to:

  • Align your leadership team around a clear strategic focus

  • Elevate awareness of team dynamic through personality assessment

  • Devise scalable systems and processes that produce desired outcomes with consistency

  • Develop an organization design that adequately supports the needs of the business and its growth trajectory

  • Institute sound governance and controls that ensure that business performance is monitored, measured, and managed

The support of an experienced business consultant can change the trajectory of your business - transforming your operation into a well-tuned machine primed and positioned for growth.