Keys To Broadening Reach: Clarity, Consistency, and Content


In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of clarity with respect to understanding one's brand presence in the marketplace.  Similarly, clarity is key in broadening a brand or entity's reach, especially within a content marketing strategy.  The published content should align with a universal brand message.


In a world with an average attention span of eight seconds, engagement is measured within the instant.  Therefore, the importance of frequently interacting is heightened.  Interactions with your target (and secondary) markets should not only occur regularly but should exhibit a high standard of quality.  Every opportunity to engage (and hopefully convert) a prospective customer is critical.  Always remember: you are completing for the spot at the forefront of their minds. Being consistently present is a giant leap in that direction. 


Content is king.  To be clear, quality content is king.  In today's market, information and intellectual property are assets that can translate to HUGE value.  Content comes in many forms: blog posts, video, music, white papers, etc.  In whichever form, developing and publishing rich, robust content is a great way to introduce yourself to prospective customers and keep them engaged.  The stronger the engagement, the broader the influence.  Influence creates leverage. Leverage opens the door to opportunity.