Getting To Know Your Customer: Insights That Will Focus Your Marketing Strategy

This entry is Part 1 of a quarterly series: "Getting To Know Your Customer", which will be published on the third Thursday of each quarter.  

"Who do you think you're talking to?!"

Typically, this phrase precedes a verbal assault in response to something that we've said.  We cower at the thought of what's to come.  An even more frightening thought is losing an opportunity to connect with a customer because you didn't know who you were talking to. For this reason, effectively answering this question is critical when assessing or building your marketing strategy.  The truth is that many simply don't know the answer.  Messages are broadcasted to audiences of deaf ears and great intentions are never met.  

Every product or service has a target that it is trying to reach.  The challenge, most times, is being able to identify specifically who comprises the market that one is attempting to reach.  

So, let's revisit the question: "Who are you talking to?"

When building a marketing strategy, there are a few insights that can tighten up your approach and ultimately generate more leads.  Our customers are our supporters.  Regardless of the degree, at some point, a need or desire was compelling enough to trigger a financial commitment.  One of the keys to retention and deeper market penetration is obtaining customer insights that will provide guidance on how to continue to appeal to a particular subset of people. 

Are you capturing these?

Sales Data - SKU's, Volume, Method of Payment, Time of Purchase, Location of Purchase

Demographic - Age, Ethnicity, Occupation, Social Platforms, Buyer Origin [Where does the buyer live?] 

Source - Buyer Point of Reference [How is the buyer finding you?], Referral Source

Preferences - Preferred method and frequency of communication (e.g.- electronic, print)

Give us some feedback in the comments section! What type of data are you currently gathering that would strengthen your understanding of your customer?