Three Tools To Monitor Your Online Brand

Google Alerts

Anyone with a Google account has the capability to monitor their brand in real time.   Wait for it...for FREE!

By logging into the Alerts service with your Google ID, users can create alerts based on specific search criteria.  Within the settings, a user can also specify the frequency with which they want to be notified.  If real time isn't your preference, select the "Digest" option to receive an aggregate of all alerts in a single email.

Once everything is set to your specifications, you will be notified every time your search hits Google's indexing. 

Social Mention

Based on a "pull" design, Social Mention (SM) scavenges the bowels of the internet to uncover mentions based on a super-specific search criteria.  In addition to providing a laundry list of items, SM offers some preliminary analysis on its findings.  In the left column, SM provides the time of the last mention and the average number of seconds per mention, amongst other measurables.  Like Google Alerts, this tool is also...FREE.


For a base price of $29, media monitors purchase a subscription to the Mention service. Mention provides users with a comprehensive tool that monitors "millions of different sources" for a user-specified set of keywords.  In addition to monitoring, a subscription to Mention includes the capability to share alerts and related tasks.  To sweeten the deal even more, Mention has a robust analytics component that captures sentiment as well as frequency over time. Monthly plans range from $29-$79, depending on the number of user and keyword searches required.