The stress of entrepreneurship can be paramount at times.  The constant ebb and flow, the never-ending to-do lists and the pressure of striving for success and sustainability can be a lot.  Often times, we sacrifice sleep and precious time with loved ones to ensure the success of our business engagements.  As rewarding as success is, it can also be taxing.  

Studies show that forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.  Stress takes a toll on the body in many different ways.  It has been found to play roles in the development of diabetes, heart problems, and depression amongst other disorders.  The problems intensify when “self-medication” (also known as liquor) becomes our go-to solution after a stressful day.  

In lieu of libation, take a stab at these natural stress relievers.  When all else fails, a good night’s rest or 30 minutes with a counselor can also help to ease the pain. 

A sense of community is also very important.  Here in Atlanta, a friend of mine started a support group for entrepreneurs.   It's important to take advantage of every opportunity to offer support and share wisdom with your cohorts.  Being a part of a community of like minds could be just the comfort needed to persevere.  

Speaking of community, let’s keep the conversation going.  Fellow entrepreneurs, what’s stressing you?