Being Fit On The Go | Health & Wellness Tips for Those On The Move

A few years ago, I was a recurring resident of the Friendly Skies.  As a consultant for one of the “Big Three”, I spent every week traipsing through the world’s busiest airport en route to save the day for my clients.  It was critical that I got to the airport with enough time to scarf down calorie-dense airport cuisine before departure.  The rest of the work week would typically follow suit.  Daily happy hours, late night meals, and lack of sleep created a recipe for my physical demise. 

Before I knew it, I was 30 pounds heavier and out of dress pants that fit well.  The stress of meeting constant client demands and being across the country from the wife (she was consulting at the time, as well) definitely took its toll.  

On my road to recovery, there were a few things that I learned that have definitely carried over into my transition to entrepreneurship.  I’ll share them at no extra charge to you :)

Know thyself

A commitment to fitness, especially under tough conditions, requires transparency and supreme knowledge of self.  If you know that you can’t resist buffalo wings, maybe B-Dub’s shouldn’t be your airport choice.  Be honest - you’re not going to buy the salad. 

Prepare as if failure is imminent

Given an understanding of self, preparation is the next most critical step.  For frequent travelers, this may prove difficult but not impossible.  Most restaurants have their menus and nutritional guides posted online.  Before travel (or while on the road), take the time to research the nutrition facts of some of your favorite restaurants.  Prepare a spreadsheet of "go-to" restaurants for quick reference so that you don’t “mistakenly” turn into the Taco Bell drive-thru for your fourth meal. 

Local folks can prepare too.  If you’re an Instagram user, you may have come across the pictures of what looks like a Tupperware party.  To some extent, your interpretations are accurate.  Take a trip down to your local big box retailer (I personally prefer HomeGoods) and pick up glass containers like these.  

On a weekly basis, plan and prepare your meals based on the caloric needs that align with your fitness goals.  Use the aforementioned containers for easy storage and quick access.  

Get Mobile 

The information age has afforded us the mobile technology to track everything from calorie count to heart rate.  We don’t have excuses.  If you own a smartphone, download the calorie counter app of your preference from your respective App Store.  Throughout the day, keep track of your calories.  Can’t hit what you can’t see, right?

In the spirit of mobility, get up from that desk.  Take a 15 minute break and go for a walk.  Like any other physical activity, walking contributes to improved health, weight loss activity, and relieves stress. 

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