Every Second Counts | Four Mobile Apps That Will Save You Time

24 Hours never seems like enough.  With what seems like a never ending juggle of competing priorities and a laundry list of to-do’s, being able to make time work for you is a critical skill.  Below, we’ve highlighted four apps that can save you some time.

Amazon Prime Now

The companion app to the premium service offered by Amazon allows users to shop the catalogs of nearby warehouses for everything from pet to personal care products.  Within 2 hours (or less than 1 hour - if available), users can have items shipped either to their doorstep or to a destination address within the service area.  

This service and app has proven clutch for days when I’ve been chained to my laptop but still need to make sure that I have detergent to wash clothes later or Mom’s birthday gift. 


We all know the benefits of Automation.  Less time, fewer process steps.  The IFTTT app turns your mobile device into r2d2.  By creating “recipes”, user can automate tasks that typically require opening of additional apps or keystrokes.  For instance, pics taken with your selfie camera are automatically added to Dropbox. 


Who has time to print, sign, scan, and email documents anymore? SignEasy is key when you’re travelling and you need to get that contract signed to close the deal.  Within the app, users can preview documents of various file types and sign them using their fingertip.  From the app, users can seamlessly save the signed document and send to the desired recipient.  

Square Cash

Need to get money to someone quickly? Better yet, is someone dragging their feet to pay you back? Square Cash has the solution.  As long as you have the email address or cell phone number of the recipient, cash can be exchanged with a few simple keystrokes.  Even if you don’t know their information off-hand, Square taps into your Phone’s contacts to help you identify them.  They also offer a Bluetooth option (a la AirDrop) that will search for nearby devices to send the money over to.